Lori Persa

Here's to Ears


Hometown: Schnecksville, PA

Artist Website

Lori Persa wants people to have fun at every age. In 2015, she started Here’s to Ears, which makes clip on animal ears using faux fur, faux suede and leather sequined fabric and other materials. Since the ears are not attached to a headband, wearers do not suffer from headband headaches.

She and her husband do all of the ear designs including ears for arctic cats, wolves, bambi, bears, cats, racoon, flamingo and many others. They also sell a ‘spirit’ line which features sports team colors in a dozen color combinations.

And for all you unicorns out there, Here’s to Ears makes unicorn horns in a dozen colors and one with an iridescent rainbow pattern! For the holidays, they have mini witch and Santa hats.

Stop by at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and try on a pair!

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