Peter Turner

Turner Mastercraft

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Red Springs, NC

Artist Website

Before their present career as pen makers, the Turners spent 20 years working full time in Christian ministry with the Salvation Army in Alaska. They would fly all over to remote Alaskan villages. During this time, woodworking was always a side hobby.

They left Alaska in 1993 and turned their attention to woodcrafting. With a last name of ‘Turner’ and a love for turning wood on a lathe, it seemed their business focus was predetermined.

They participated in their first Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in 1995 and have been with us ever since, missing only 7 shows in 20 years. In over two decades, Peter has personally created 150,000 pens. Since they use high quality ink in all their pens, they never smudge or smear on the page.

Turner Mastercraft makes every kind of writing implement from fountain pens to stylus’ used for handheld devices. They’re happy to educate customers about the care and use of their pens.

Try several of their fountain and ballpoint pens at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and marvel at the rich bold ink. Even when still wet, their ink doesn’t smear a smidgen!

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