Roxie Parent

Roxie's Studio


Hometown: Conway, MA

Artist Website

Roxanne Parent of Roxie's Studio lives in Conway, Massachusetts, where she works in a ceramics studio overlooking acres of rolling hills. Parent has more than 28 years of experience creating ceramics, initially painting designs for other artisans before creating her own line of hand-painted ceramics, Roxie's Studio.

Roxie's Studio creates quirky, realistic ceramic works that embody the look and texture of fabric. Her folded cheese platters and spreaders are made from slabs of clay with a “fold” of a handle, and they feature hand-painted designs inspired by the beach, animals or country scenes. Roxie's Studio also creates truly unique vases featuring the upper torso of a shirt, including the folds of the collar, the buttons and even the fabric effect of a tie draping onto the table. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a quirky addition to your own home, shop Roxie's Studio at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

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