Ryan Oberdick

Whisker Biscuits

Specialty Food

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA

Artist Website

Ryan Oberdick spent many years in the restaurant business. At his last job in the industry, he and a partner made pet treats in the kitchen of a pizzeria in the off hours.

Eventually, Ryan started his own venture, fine-tuning his methods along the way, but always running a handmade operation.

Today, Whisker Biscuits employs a team of 4 people, including Ryan and his wife. Everyone on the team is knowledgeable about canine nutrition though they do not prescribe dietary solutions for specific canine medical problems.

At busy shows, Ryan can always count on selling out of their signature product, Peanut Butter Poo. The male-dominated team appreciates the built-in humour and customers love it too!

Their elk antlers are also quite popular. Unlike big box stores which sell brittle, chemically treated antlers which may fracture and cut dogs mouths and intestines, Whisker Biscuits offers freshly shed and sanded elk antlers sourced from a reputable supplier in Bozeman, MT.

They also make doggie donut treats from human-grade ingredients and free of common allergens.

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