Robert Nettleton


Wood - Functional

Hometown: Cincinnatus, NY

Artist Website

Robert Nettleton uses over 300 domestic and exotic woods to make inlaid quilt patterns on boxes, holiday ornaments, clocks, jewelry and wall decor items.

Prior to starting wood quilting, he made furniture with mosaic designs and other items. But he has always loved quilt patterns so when he saw quilts displayed at a folk festival, he realised he could make similar designs with wood instead of fabric.

He doesn’t use any paints or dyes in his work to allow the colors and natural beauty of the woods, like purple heart and shimmery white tiger maple, to shine through. While he does all the woodcrafting, his wife, Martha does much of the finishing, sanding and beading of pendants.

In addition to arts and crafts festivals, they participate in many quilting shows too. Their work is displayed at the New England Quilt Museum, the National Museum of Quilts and sold at the Smithsonian Museum store.

Their inlaid keepsake boxes, Christmas ornaments and earrings are their top sellers. WoodQuilter’s quilt patterns are mainly traditional quilt designs recognizable to avid quilters.

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