Amy Muermann


Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Pitman, NJ

Artist Website

Amy Muermann is a self-taught artist and jewelry maker. She creates minimalist designs using metalsmithing techniques and and wire wrapping.

Starting with only plain wire and sheet metals, she creates every component of her pieces, down to the clasps and ear wires. The individual components are hammered and soldered together, sometimes accented by natural gemstones) to create the final designs.

Amy uses mostly sterling silver and copper to create unique jewelry pieces suitable for daily wear.

Her newer designs include stackable rings made with sterling silver and gemstones. Customers can choose from 4 styles of stackable rings with a choice of 20 different gemstones. The rings are available in full and half sizes 4 to 11.

Once you determine your size, style and stone, custom orders are fulfilled during the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!

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