Matthew Morgan

House of Morgan Pewter

Brass, Copper, Pewter, Bronze & Steel

Hometown: Mount Airy, NC

Artist Website

If you’re looking for pewter goods at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, check out House of Morgan Pewter. This Mount Airy, North Carolina-based company is run by Kent and Martha Morgan, who first saw pewter work when visiting Colonial Williamsburg in 1978. Since then, the pair have learned to cast small pewter objects by teaching themselves the ways of working with pewter.

Today, House of Morgan Pewter creates more than 500 different pewter objects made entirely by hand using the same age-old techniques. The pair sells these pewter items to give as gifts, display in the home or keep as collectible items, as well as key chains, necklace pendants and other useful pewter objects. From basketballs and music equipment to holiday-themed objects and all kinds of animals, you’ll find a House of Morgan Pewter object that reflects your unique interests and personality.

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