Bob Moore

Bittersweet Herb Farm

Specialty Food

Hometown: Ringgold, VA

At Bittersweet Herb Farm, Jeannie and Bob Moore have created an award winning line of delicious sauces, seasonings and flavor-infused oils suitable for marinating, basting, dressing salads and other dishes.

In the serene setting of the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, they craft small batch recipes that will take your meals from good to OMG!

When they appear at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals and other events, Bob and Jeannie enjoy introducing customers to the people and processes that make their fabulous seasoning blends.

Holding fast to their small town roots, they are committed to crafting small batch products that complement the natural flavors of real foods. Let there well honed culinary expertise take your meals to new heights!

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