Lucy Moore

Lucy's Toys

Soft Sculpture

Hometown: Anniston, AL

Artist Website

Lucy Moore’s stuffed toys began as a hobby, but quickly became a business. Lucy’s Toys plushes, puppets, comforting blankets and more, feature super soft synthetic fur that is perfect for snuggling.

When she was a schoolteacher in 1967, Lucy took up designing and sewing as a creative hobby. With children in mind, she started making stuffed animals and puppets, adding synthetic fur blankets to her repertoire in 1968. Bolster, decorative and floor pillows soon followed! For 50 years, she’s dedicated her craft to producing quality, handmade and affordable toys as well as other comforts for children and adults.

Worried about little ones loving their stuffed toys a little too much? When their best friend, Teddy, goes everywhere with them, he’s bound to start to get a little crunchy! Lucy’s Toys are machine washable and air dryable! With the right care, your plush or blanket will stay furry and durable for years to come.

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