James Mofhitz

Humorous Clocks

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Marshfield, MO

Artist Website

In the 1970’s, Jim worked at NBC as manager of film production. He oversaw the accounting for TV shows like Little House on the Prairie, while making clocks as a nighttime hobby. Initially, he made large specialty clocks but once he started doing shows full time, he created a line of gift clocks that were more affordable.

He made his first humorous clock for his Polish son-in-law. In place of the numbers 1-12 on the clock face, this clock had: One-ski, Two-ski, Three-ski, etc. He introduced other funny clock designs in his gift line and soon that was all customers wanted.

At arts and crafts shows he enjoys watching customers spend 15 - 20 minutes in his booth chuckling as the read all his clocks. His anthropologist clock lists 12 types of bones instead of hours of the day. On the anesthesiologist’s clock, the numbers gradually fade out. The newly weds clock shows the numbers on their side so that the clock can only be read while lying down.

Other popular clocks are the drinking-themed ones, the left-handers clock and all the occupation-themed clocks.

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