Dee Miller

D&M Wooden Flowers and Vases

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Saline, MI

Artist Website

Heeding the wishes of many who hope they can enjoy their favorite floral arrangements forever, Dee and Michael Miller, owners of DM Wooden Flowers and Vases in Saline, MI, have been designing and crafting wooden flowers and vases since 1998. Made from bass wood, a soft carving wood, each flower is shaped to realistically capture the beauty that only nature can create. Each flower is brightly painted using seven to ten acrylic colors in a range of shades and tones and then coated with a white wax. These forever-lasting flowers can be complemented with Dee and Michael Miller’s collection of wooden vases. Each vase is crafted from a variety of different types of wood and finished with exquisite attention to detail. The ultimate goal of the owners of DM Wooden Flowers and Vases is to present each customer with bouquets that bring the same vibrancy and joy that fresh flowers bring. Meant for indoor decoration or for outdoor areas that are protected from the elements, DM wooden flowers and vases also make a special gift for recipients on many milestone occasions.

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