Jane Miller

Fresh As Paint / Lady Jane Designs


Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Artist Website

Women and children alike will love the comfort and durability of Jane Miller’s handmade casual clothing. Jane established her children’s clothing line more than 30 years ago, fueled by her own creativity and applying the lessons learned as she raised two children of her own. Named after an old expression of her great grandmother, Fresh as Paint sweatshirts, baby sacs, dresses and other items are made from 100% cotton and are designed to grow with your child. With hand-dyed colors such as kiwi green, raspberry and periwinkle, plus hand-painted decorations that add a cute touch, this clothing more than lives up to its name.

Eventually her children’s clothing became so popular that adult women began asking for their own clothing line. To meet this demand, Lady Jane Designs was born, creating jackets, shirts, pants and more that follow the same quality standards while using fun and colorful fabrics that add style to any woman’s wardrobe. Find Jane at any of our fabulous Sugarloaf craft shows and experience her soft, long-lasting apparel for yourself.

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