Merlys McGraw

The Merlys Collection, LLC

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Artist Website

Looking for a new and innovative way to accessorize? Merlys McGraw has you covered with her unique designs from The Merlys Collection. The idea of glammed up ears is a trendy new way to wear jewelry, but few people are interested in adding lots of painful piercings in order to achieve the look. Fortunately, The Merlys Collection features a number of beautiful and ornate earring designs that wind up the side of the ear from a single piercing in the earlobe. It’s even more gorgeous than an ear cuff and so much more comfortable to wear. Best of all, each style features some combination of gorgeous elements, including yellow gold, silver, natural stones, crystals or pearls.

Inspired by the sighting of a shooting star across the South American sky, The Merlys Collection blend McGraw’s love for handmade native art and innovative technology. A wide variety of her designs can be viewed at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, and customers will also have the chance to talk with McGraw about her artwork and the potential to create custom designs.

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