Katherine McClelland

Tree of Life Art Works

Antlercraft & Scrimshaw

Hometown: Galena, OH

Artist Website

Kim and Katherine McClelland create scrimshaw wearable and framed artwork using the same techniques used by American sailors centuries ago. The main difference is that they create from naturally shed antlers and fossil ivories instead of whale teeth. No material is taken from modern day endangered species.

He learned the art of scrimshaw so he could carve his and Katherine’s wedding rings out of old piano keys. Countless hours he spent creating pen and ink drawings as a child turned out to be great preparation for making the intricate scrimshaw artwork he produces today.

They derive new design inspiration from their past experiences, their faith and their constantly roaming imaginations. Katherine and Kim love mulling over new ideas with art lovers at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and elsewhere so be sure to say hello!

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