Carol Matthai

Carol Matthai Photography


Hometown: Owings Mills, MD

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"Capturing the Natural Beauty of the World Around Us" — Carol Matthai

With an eye for detail and artistry, photographer Carol Matthai captures life’s breathtaking moments with a click of her camera. Matthai is inspired by nature and many of her photos are of natural landscapes, birds, animals and trees. Living in Owings Mills, MD, she travels with camera and equipment in hand ready to memorialize nature’s most captivating moments. What is most moving about her photo collection are her “action shots.” Her eagle-eye precision allows her to get a shot of an eagle with its wings open as it’s just about to take flight; a honeybee covered in pollen as its resting on a sunflower; and a duck mid snooze with his eyes resting closed for a moment.

Matthai exhibits and sells her photography at many area fine arts and crafts shows. Browse her extensive collection at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival.

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