Lynne Manning

Bartholomew's Brilliant Boxes

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Hull, MA

Artist Website

The past meets the future in the astounding lamps and clocks produced by Bartholomew’s Brilliant Boxes. Lynne Manning, along with Bart, spends their days combing through auctions, flea markets, junkshops, attics and basements searching for vintage trinkets that no one would ever think to repurpose into a desk light or time piece. And then she does just that, repurposing old motors and gears, toys, tools and anything else the can find into unique boxes and lights that put the fun back in functional.

Lynne is inspired by steampunk and industrial aesthetic, using antique parts that come together into modern utilities. While Bart supplies the technical know-how that makes these functional decorations actually function, Lynne supplies the creative vision, thinking outside the box (pun intended) to realize the whimsy behind each piece. Ever seen a desk lamp made from an old rotary phone or tea kettle? How about a clock topped by a human skull wearing aviation goggles? You can purchase things like these and much, much more wherever you find the Bartholomew’s Brilliant Boxes booth at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

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