Frank Maniscalco

Lilly's Allure

Jewelry - Other

Hometown: Bushkill, PA

Artist Website

Women and men alike will love the hip vibe of Lilly’s Allure leather bracelets and accessories. Feeding off the creative energy born of an American fashionista and a Colombian earth mother, Frank Maniscalco designs and crafts each bracelet with a “one world” view that draws from the influence of Europe, South America and everywhere else he’s found illumination. With genuine American braided leather as a base, Frank adds an assortment of metal cuffs, clasps, beads and other flair that jazz up your bracelet.

In addition to wrist bracelets and ankle bracelets for both genders, Lilly’s Allure also produces boot cover and necklace collections with the same distinct warmth and personality. From charm double necklaces to sport bands, Frank knows exactly what people are looking for in their fashion accessories. Inspired by the rebel spirit of the 1960s, but with a modern sensibility, these natural leather creations are made for all times. Stop by the Lilly’s Allure booth at Sugarloaf and you’ll see why people around the country rave about their designs.

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