Andre Maiwald

Unique Birdhouses & Wood Work

Wood Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: East Greenville, PA

Artist Website

Andre Maiwald creates whimsical, nature-inspired wooden birdhouses for indoor or outdoor display. Since 2010, this self-taught woodworker has been using reclaimed hardwood and natural stones to craft imaginative bird dwellings.

His birdhouse styles range from conventional rustic designs to more playful versions in which the birdhouse is included in a larger sculpture of an animal or an imaginary forest creature.

Andre creates each design from scratch without even so much as a hand drawn sketch to follow. He prefers to create spontaneously and let the curves and undulations of the wood inspire each piece.

While these delightful birdhouses act as functional bird dwellings, they’ll also turn out to be great conversation pieces too!

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