Eric Jaeger

Jaegers Fine Woodworking, LLC dba Wisakon Woods

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Manassas, VA

Artist Website

Wisakon Woods is the mid-life career pivot for Army veterans Eric and Mary Jaeger although Eric has been a hobby woodworker all his life. While still living in Iowa, the pair bought an independent woodcraft business from an Iowa couple who had been running it for many years. Soon after, the Army relocated them to the Washington DC area where Eric still serves on active duty.

Together they make beautiful wooden food prep boards including cutting boards, cheese boards with wire slicers, mezzaluna boards for cutting herbs and end grain boards. They also offer wine bottle toppers, cribbage game boards and, on request, military display cases. The food prep boards are made with domestically-sourced black walnut, maple and steamed cherry woods and occasionally exotic wood from South America.

Wisakon Woods’ cheese boards with wire slicers incorporated are one of their most popular items. The wire slicers cut blocks of cheese easily and evenly as you’re ready to eat it. This makes it easy to keep a big block of cheese fresh until you’re ready to eat it.

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