Richard Levitt

Mr. Blockhead, Inc.

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

A simple block goes a long way in the hands of Mr. Blockhead. Known to some humans as Richard Levitt, Mr. Blockhead spends his time in North Wales, PA creating home accessories such as tissue boxes, storage boxes, jewelry boxes and any other box you can think of – because what else would someone named Mr. Blockhead do? Using finely textured materials and lively designs such as palm trees, his creations are anything but blocky. Well, they are in the shape of blocks, but he’s sure you know what he means.

Some may think there’s only so much you can do with a block. If you’re one of those people, Mr. Blockhead invites you – and any other people, really – to come say hello at his Sugarloaf Craft Festivals booth. He’s eager to demonstrate his handcrafted boxes and show you what they do. Perhaps he can even pressure you into buying one of them while you’re there. After all, he wouldn’t want you to be a blockhead – that’s his job.

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