Tracy Levesque

Tracy Levesque Fine Art

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Hometown: Lowell, MA

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Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Tracy Levesque is surrounded by plenty of beautiful natural features to inspire her gorgeous paintings and prints. This artist, vegan and nature enthusiast creates some of the most inspiring works we’ve seen at our Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Her chromatic paintings blend realistic and symbolic elements to create unique twists on natural features. Every texture, color and shape seems to come alive in her vibrant and detailed paintings. As Levesque describes it, her work is “like looking through a stained-glass window into a fairy tale world that pulls you out of time and into a magical world filled with imagination.”

If you’re inspired by the beautiful paintings and prints available from Tracy Levesque Fine Art, be sure to attend an upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festival. These events give you the opportunity to see a range of Levesque’s gorgeous work up close and discuss the inspiration behind each painting with the artist herself.

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