Julie Leininger

Saratoga Jewels

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Gansevoort, NY

Artist Website

In her previous career as an environmental engineer, Julie Leininger spontaneously decided to accompany a co-worker on a lunchtime trip to a bead store. She had no plans to become a jewelry maker but soon found herself buying beads too!

She quickly lost interest in beads and began experimenting with metal. From there she practiced jewelry making as a hobby for a few years and turned it into a business when she wanted a more flexible schedule to spend more time with her family.

Julie makes sterling silver and gold jewelry incorporating found pebbles, designer cabochons and occasionally gemstones and pearls.

She is known for her Tendril Abstract Collection, the series that launched her jewelry career. These pieces are inspired by the abundant twisting, twirling tendrils of creeping vines.

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