Tracy Lebenzon

Lebenzon Paintbrushes

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Artist Website

Perusing all the amazing art at any Sugarloaf Crafts Festival is sure to stir your creative juices!

Tracy Lebenzon creates paint brushes for artists, calligraphers, potters and makers in other mediums.

He makes the bristles of his brushes from the fibers of deer, elk, fox, goat, moose, ox, pony, Russian Sable and synthetic material. The animal fibers come from old coats and animal pelts found at estate sales and garage sales. The handles are made from beautifully aged and finished gold and black bamboo and hardwood.

Bristle flexibility ranges from extremely soft to extremely stiff to suit a variety of needs. Painters find these brushes work well for watercolor, ink, acrylic, oil, and ceramic glazes.

Brushes can be purchased individually or as a set. Tracy also sells a reusable art and calligraphy practice fabric which artists use for early drafts of their work.

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