Christopher Lambert

CRL Pursuit

Misc. Accessories

Hometown: Marshall, VA

Artist Website

In 2013, Christopher Lambert was building his own line of women’s jewelry when a sudden epiphany led him to pivot towards men’s accessories.

While watching a red carpet event, he noticed that women attend these events decked out in their most elegant finery, but there is very little for men in the way of special occasion wardrobe pieces, beyond the usual bowtie. He felt like there should be something designed for men to wear to gala events.

He began designing gold and silver-plated tie ornaments for men and wearing them to jewelry shows. The tie clips attracted more attention than his jewelry line did and he realized he had created a product for an untapped market.

The tie clips, called Tie Verso, have a tab at the top and the design wraps around the tie keeping it in place without scratching or tearing it. Lambert has patented his designs in the U.S. and Canada so now he is just waiting for a Hollywood A-lister to be seen wearing one on the cover of people magazine.

He also takes custom requests such as including football emblems, initials and other images in the design.

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