Mark Kuzio

The Patio Flame


Hometown: Belfast, ME

Artist Website

Mark Kuzio has an MA in sculpture from NYU. He expresses his creativity through photography, clay work, sculpture and video. His clay pieces are featured at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Portland Museum of Art. Mark has a knack for coming up with innovative products for the home, such as his earlier line of backyard birding accessories and Ikebana dishes.

His latest creation is The Patio Flame, a tabletop clay piece which allows the user to have a contained outdoor fire. Each Patio Flame uses a small sterno can to create the fire. This unique accessory creates a cozy outdoor ambiance without the cost of firewood or the inconvenience of messy ash or flying embers.

Mark also hosts and produces a community TV program and practices the sport of curling. He lives with his family in Belfast, ME.

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