Vladislav Korolev


Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: Palisades Park, NJ

Artist Website

Vladislav Korolev revives and repurposes used musical instruments into fascinating accent lamps and wall art.

The instruments he inherits from professional musicians and music students are often damaged and broken. He once received a B-flat trumpet that had been run over by a car. While most people might have concluded it was ready for the junk heap, Vladistov saw only potential. He brought it to his studio and after his careful attention, it found a new life as an intriguing piece of wall art, appropriately titled, “Be Flat.

Each design is singularly unique and to some extent, determined by the damage imposed in the instrument’s previous life. Earlier designs feature French horns, trumpets, clarinets and saxophones turned into artful and functional accent pieces.

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