Tiffany Kimmet

Subtle Verse


Hometown: Tiffin, OH

Artist Website

Tiffany Kimmet photographs ordinary things because she believes simple things have a beauty of their own which should be appreciated. She matches each of her photos with a quote from scripture in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others in their day to day challenges.

When she first started her photography business in 2005, she focused on traditional subjects like weddings and babies. But a trip to Tucson, AZ where she fell in love with the architecture, shifted her perspective. Ever since then she’s been on a mission to catch seemingly insignificant and mundane images.

Her best selling photo is The Happy Goat. It’s a picture of a goat with his eyes closed flashing a toothy smile pointed straight at the camera.

Tiffany never expected the photo to have a big impact on people but it’s a universal hit. Many customers have told her looking at this goat picture has helped them get through tough times. There is nothing subtle about what he’s saying and everyone who sees it cracks a smile.

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