Tina Kelsey

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Hometown: Athens, OH

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Tina Kelsey wants everyone to know that tiaras are not just for pampered princesses who sit around all day in their pretty dresses. They’re for everyone and anyone who wants to feel uplifted, whether for a special occasion or to lighten the tedium of life’s unpleasant tasks like housecleaning and doctor’s appointments.

Tina’s neighbors in rural Ohio are not at all surprised to see her retrieve her mail or mowing the lawn wearing a tiara.

She started making tiaras as holiday gifts for a few friends. But as soon as they started wearing them around town, her phone was ringing with orders for more tiaras. She’s always happy to make special orders. In between shows, she scouts out the best feathers, beads, flowers and other baubles to make the bling-iest tiaras on the market.

Come by her booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals and find the tiara that’s right for you!

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