John Kara

Kara Wood Designs

Wood - Functional

Hometown: Perryopolis, PA

Artist Website

John Kara, along with his son Eric, creates visually striking decorative and functional woodwork items including trivets, animal sculptures, nativity sets and Christmas trees. All items are made from John’s original designs from a variety of exotic woods such as Red Oak, African Mahogany, Padauk, Walnut and Zebrawood.

John started his business in the early 1990’s making only collapsible baskets. Over time he was inspired to create other decorative items as well as kitchen trivets. The collapsible sculptures can be displayed in 3 D or the pieces can be separated and displayed individually for a panoramic look. The Christmas tree can be taken apart and displayed as individual two dimensional Christmas trees in varying sizes.

Stop by Kara Wood Designs at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and have some fun taking these sculptures apart and putting them back together!

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