Jacques Hemsi

Jewelry of Chardavogne

Jewelry - Gold & Silver

Hometown: Warwick, NY

Artist Website

Jacques Hemsi makes hand wrought gold and silver jewelry accented with precious and semi-precious stones. His designs incorporate filigree, applique, interlocking planes, twisted wire and other techniques.

In school he majored in philosophy and worked as a scientific lab technician. At the suggestion of a friend,

he started making jewelry in 1970. With the simplest tools and limited resources, he taught himself to make marketable pieces. With practice, he feels he has become a ‘real jeweler’.

Jacques finds inspiration for his work everywhere. One day it might be Chinese paper designs or Art Nouveau. Other times a bouquet of flowers or a jewelry display he sees during an afternoon walk will spur new ideas for his own designs.

He reserves January and February for coming up with new designs.

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