John Wayne Jackson

Imagine That! Creations, LLC

Misc. Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Black Mtn, NC

Artist Website

John Wayne Jackson’s Imagine That! Creations are truly a standout example of contemporary sculpture work. This Black Mountain, NC-based artist is best known for his unique, nature-inspired wall hangings from the Contemporary Fossils collection. These sculpture-style showpieces are cast from real leaves and then finished in a rainbow of iridescent colors to capture the imagination of everyone who gets the chance to experience them, and they’re highly appreciated among the Sugarloaf community.

Jackson’s Contemporary Fossils are made using real leaves the artist has collected from exotic jungles and gardens, which he finishes with his very own dye-based paints and them sculpts from a platinum-cured mold to give them a long-lasting structure and strength. In addition to smaller-scale wall hangings, John Wayne Jackson also produces exceptional large-scale sculptures inspired by nature and foliage. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals is proud to host Imagine That! Creations as part of our annual juried art and craft shows.

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