Becky Huntington

The Quilting B

Quilts & Comforters

Hometown: Milton, MA

Artist Website

Working out of her home in Milton, MA, Becky Huntington makes cotton quilts, table runners, tree skirts and wall hangings. Her booth is easily recognized amongst all the artists at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals. It’s the only one with a cart piled high with hay and quilted leaves. Any awesome fabric can inspire a new quilt but she especially loves the colors of autumn. Her quilts are made with only the best quality cotton found in quilt shops all over the northeast.

Becky Huntington came onto the craft show circuit almost by accident, thanks to a good friend’s foresight. Many years ago, her friend signed her up as an exhibitor at a local charity event even though she didn’t have any craft show experience or even any merchandise at first! Once she did her first show, she realized she really enjoyed it, and she just kept going.

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