Houston Hill

Fallingwood Studio

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Sussex, NJ

Artist Website

When looking at a piece from Houston Hill, it is easy to see how his artwork could find a place in any home in the country. Hill uses classic woodturning methods combined with a modern flare to create stylish and elegant candle holders. He uses several layers of plywood stacked on top of one another to create a perfect accent piece of any table or mantle.

The candle holders include bold cutaways that give the piece that extra little bit of polish. These pieces can find a home in many places, whether it be as a decorate piece of a living room or a bedroom or for a functional candleholder in the bath.

Hill is one of the many artisans showing their work at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Come to an upcoming festival and hear about his woodworking process, where he finds inspiration and what pieces he plans to work on next.

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