Edward Heller

Chocolate Moonshine

Specialty Food

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Artist Website

You don’t need any special reason to treat yourself to the decadent sweets from Edward Heller’s Chocolate Moonshine. This company offers a variety of chocolate goods made with delicious, high-quality ingredients and fun flavor combinations. Each of their chocolate bars is made with French and Belgian Chocolate, organic pure can sugar and fresh cream. Some are also infused with a kick of liquor in the form of bourbon, whiskey, champagne or rum. From there, these sweets are painted by hand with French cocoa butter to add an artistic touch.

In addition to Heller’s popular chocolate bars, Chocolate Moonshine also creates a variety of chocolate truffles and chocolate fudge. The smooth and creamy texture of each dessert is made even more delicious thanks to the pure, organic ingredients and beautiful appearance of each piece. Meet Heller and see a full line-up of delicious Chocolate Moonshine treats at upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

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