Billy Healy

Healy Glass Artistry

Glass - Carved

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Artist Website

Over twenty years ago, a young Billy Healy, Jr. left his home in Waterford, Ireland destined for America. He was set to join his father in forging a new path in the American crystal market in Flemington, NJ. Healy soon forged that path and after 17 years of glass carving, engraving, restoration, and design, he was awarded his Master of the Crystal Craft status.

In 2009, Billy and his wife Nichole founded Healy Glass Artistry, and today Healy Glass is blazing a trail as one of the foremost designers in the Celtic Arts Market. The mission of Healy Glass Artistry is to foster the traditional craft of glass and crystal artistry in the United States, and to bring an appreciation of the craft to a new generation. Together, they design and create stemware and barware, family crests, home décor, artwork, ornaments and plenty more, while always honoring the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship.

Healy’s deep interest in the rich history and beauty of the Celtic Isles led him to follow his passions in creating the Healy Signature Collection, his new line of contemporary glass work featuring images and symbolism from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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