Linda Harris


Fine Arts

Hometown: Poquoson, VA

Artist Website

In the beginning, Linda Harris taught herself calligraphy as a way to earn a living while staying home with her three children. Today she has a blooming business attending craft shows along the East Coast proudly sharing artfully hand lettered poems dispensing wisdom and encouragement.

For Linda Harris, crafting inspirational and humorous messages in Calligraphy lettering is personally fulfilling as well as a business. She feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do something she enjoys for over 30 years.

Her gracefully written messages make economical gifts for your favorite student, veteran, mom or any person in your life whose achievements you want to recognize. Linda’s work covers a vast range of subjects, but if you don’t find what you want at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, be sure to let her know. She may have it in her archives or she’ll custom make it for you!

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