Trisa Haisma

Natural Renaissance

Wood Boxes

Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA

Artist Website

Natural Renaissance is a family wood crafting business which utilizes family members’ combined talents in painting, design, illustration, sculpture, theater, construction and business. Their woodworking business arose out of a desire to use their skills towards personally satisfying and creatively fulfilling ends.

They make impeccably patterned wooden boxes, such as eyeglass boxes and valet boxes, as well as magnetic key racks, refrigerator and wall caddies. All items are made using non-toxic methods and materials out of concern for the artist and customer alike.

Natural Renaissance uses a layering and slicing process similar to “murrini” (used in glass work) and millifiori (used in clay work). Their techniques allow them to make use of wood scraps that might otherwise be wasted.

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