Barbara Greenberg

Walnut Hill Crafts, Inc

Wood Turnings

Hometown: Grassy Creek, NC

Barbara and Walter started their company in 1976 at the urging of their jewelry making friends. They’d head out to art shows in an old Volkswagen bus with their booth strapped to the roof. Walter’s father had been a woodworker and Barbara knew how to do macrame. Over time, they acquired more woodworking tools and expanded their line to include dimensional puzzles, Jacob’s Ladder toys, birdhouses, clocks, vases, candle holders and other items.

About 75% of their raw material is recycled or reclaimed wood, mostly chestnut rail fence wood that would otherwise be burned or left to decay. Over the years, they have recycled 50,000 chestnut rails into attractive and useful household items and children’s toys. One year, they inherited 60,000 feet of lumber from furniture factory.

Their crafts are shown in galleries and museums all over the country.

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