Hollie Graze

Mollycat Mosaics

Misc. Mixed Media

Hometown: North Bergen, NJ

Artist Website

Hollie Graze makes mosaic home decor items including frames, mirrors and wall art. She designs her pieces to be lightweight for easier wall hanging.

She uses stained glass, vitreous glass, beads, rhinestones, ceramic tiles and mirror glass in her work. Since mosaic art is so durable she imagines many of her pieces will outlive her.

She creates all her designs without a pattern, preferring improvise as she goes. With mosaics people often want to touch the artwork and Hollie encourages festival shoppers to examine the texture of her work.

She lives outside New York City and finds inspiration in the abundance of public art in the area as well as from nature. Working with broken glass carries certain hazards. She has to be constantly vigilant that her cat (Molly) and people don’t walk on broken glass without shoes. It’s all worth it though when she thinks that someone may appear on Antiques Roadshow someday with a Mollycat Mosaic they inherited from a grandparent.

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