Lara Ginzburg

Jewelry - Other

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Artist Website

Lara’s first encounters with art go back to her early childhood art education in day care. She is thankful to her wonderful daycare teacher, who gave her; her first lessons in needlework, watercolor, oil painting, and clay sculpting. This teacher also organized her first solo art exhibitions, developing in her an early love of the art.

Her work, including articles she has written on jewelry making, appears in numerous publications and is exhibited nationally in galleries and art shows. The ancient art of enameling dates back to the Hellenistic Era. Lara uses this historic medium to create unique pieces. Her jewelry is a reflection of her inner vision inspired by her love of life, nature, the ancient world, and her travels to places near and far. Handcrafted in sterling silver and high carat gold, her heirloom quality jewelry is unique, affordable and comfortable to wear. Her jewelry continuously interacts with its wearer, expressing its owner’s sense of beauty.

She is very passionate about all form of enameling. Enameling considered the most intricate and difficult of all jewelry techniques, the process of fusing glass to metal can be dated as far back as the Hellenistic Period (323 B.C. to 31 B.C.). Vitreous enamels start as powder made of finely ground glass mixed with mineral pigments. To reach the desired depth and clarity of color the piece needs to be fired in a kiln several times between 1,380F and 1,560F. Enamels come in many forms including powder, lump, pigment, pencil, and watercolor—all of which can be seen in my pieces. She enjoy experimenting with many enameling techniques such as Basse Taille, Champleve, Cloisonne, Limoges, painting and drawing to name a few.

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