Linda Garrabrandt

MudSlingers Pottery Works


Hometown: Newton, NJ

Artist Website

Bruce Garrabrandt is a self-taught artist whose overwhelming desire to make art helped him persist through the awkward early stages of developing his craft. At the University of Delaware, he majored in English and started his working career in advertising. But he’d always loved drawing and secretly harboured a dream of making art for a living.

Today he uses colored pencils to draw traditional countryside and Victorian scenes as well as whimsical artwork depicting hilarious scenarios and spoofs of classical art pieces. “Phona Lisa” shows the Mona Lisa clutching a cordless phone and “Out Behind the Smokehouse” shows a trio of pigs smoking cigarettes behind a small building.

Bruce says he used to be a serious artist but that didn’t last. Reaching middle age has shown him the importance of a sense of humor. He’d rather have fun drawing “random acts of artistic nonsense” as he calls it.

He and his wife own The Artist’s Inn & Gallery, in Lancaster County, PA bed & breakfast inn.

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