Carrie Fertig

Metal Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Edinburgh, UK

Artist Website

Carrie Fertig leads a dual continent and dual medium creative existence. For three months of the year she creates enamel, copper and glass ornaments to sell at craft shows in the United States. The other nine months of the year, she resides in the United Kingdom and creates sculptural installations, performances and films at churches and other prestigious venues.

She learned glass flameworking from traditional master crafters in Lauscha, Germany. From them, she learned to make her glass icicles from Borosilicate glass.

Her ornaments have a variety of historic, mythological and religious connections. Some are inspired by magnificent architectural design such as the Rose windows in the Cathedrale Ste. Croix in Orleans, France and St. John the Divine in New York City. Others bear Celtic knots or Griffins, which are winged creatures with a lion body and eagle head. They are treasured as powerful symbols of protection.

Her best selling ornament is a hand-hammered star ornament inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story, The Fir Tree. The star looks battered and misshapen but still shines brilliant gold, like the human soul. Carrie hopes it reminds people of our innate resilience which we can call on in challenging times.

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