Richard Feier


Wood Turnings

Hometown: Budd Lake, NJ

Artist Website

Based in Budd Lake, New Jersey, artist Richard Feier creates wooden sculptures and collectibles under the name Rdworks29. This independent studio is based in Feier’s home workshop, where he creates home goods, culinary accessories, stationery items and many other objects out of fine, handcrafted wood.

Rdworks29’s wood-turned vases are smooth and seamless, doing with wood what many artists can only do with clay. Feier also creates smaller items such as bottle toppers and shaving brushes using the same wood turning techniques, which allow him to get a truly flawless finish and smooth, shining exterior that brings out the grain of each type of wood. His pieces are just as functional as they are beautiful, with desk clocks, candle holders and magnifying glasses that are perfect for displaying in an office or on a shelf, and his kitchen items such as mahogany rolling pins and stainless steel butter spreaders bring a unique beauty to everyday items.

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