Chad Emerich

Jhoi Broom


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Artist Website

Giang and Chad Emerich were simply looking to find a great broom to clean their own floors. They wanted a broom that met several criteria: beautiful design, efficient at cleaning floors and made with earth-friendly materials.

Their search took them to Vietnam where they discovered grass brooms made using traditional weaving techniques still practiced by only a handful of crafters.

With the creation of Jhoi Brooms, Giang and Chad are helping to preserve a dying art form. These extremely durable brooms provide an efficient and ergonomic sweep that will satisfy the fussiest housekeeper.

The name Jhoi comes from the Vietnamese word for broom, ‘choi’, which is pronounced ‘joy’.

Jhoi brooms are available in three sizes plus a small hand broom for your dustpan.

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