Joan Ecker

Fat Hat Clothing Co


Hometown: Quechee, VT

Artist Website

Joan Ecker designs comfortable clothing for women of all ages and sizes. She started her business in response to her own difficulty finding a style of clothing she liked and felt comfortable in. She realized that many women find it hard to feel comfortable in mass produced clothing. She made it her mission to make clothes that make you feel great just as you are.

She now has a complete line of women’s apparel that combines fashionable design with a relaxed attitude and comfortable fit.

She started her company on a shoestring budget as a desperate single mom with two small children in 1979. Her very first clothing item was a ‘shape-able, drape-able hat’ which her mother promptly dubbed ‘the Fat Hat’. To this day many people know Joan Ecker as the Fat Hat lady.

After her mother passed away from lung cancer, F.H. Clothing Co. began giving away hats to chemo patients all over the country.

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