Joseph Dyson

Reflections of Nature


Hometown: Rustburg, VA

Artist Website

Joseph Dyson started playing around with a camera in 2011 and didn’t want to put it down. Soon he went from being a journeyman machinist who hunted waterfowl in his spare time to an avid photographer who hunts wildlife and landscape shots. Every year he travels to Africa, Alaska, South America and many U.S. National Parks in search of awe inspiring images.

He learned the ropes of wildlife photography by accompanying experienced photographers on tours and expeditions. Photographing animals in the wild requires enormous patience as well as photography skills. He sometimes sits and waits 8 or more hours for a family of lion cubs to wake up and start playing. He has to watch and wait and then be ready to shoot when the animals are active.

The practice of photographing wildlife and the outdoors has deepened his appreciation for the natural world. He hopes his work inspires others to feel a greater urgency to protect wildlife and natural resources.

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