Andrea Durnell

Village Folk Millinery and Dolls

Misc. Sculpture & Collectibles

Hometown: Baden, PA

Artist Website

Andrea Durnell hand carves, paints and clothes wooden dolls using primarily vintage and found materials. She also makes felted wool hats for women.

She began carving wooden dolls and making dresses for them as a child and never stopped. As an adult she traveled to North and West Africa, Guatemala and Europe, accumulating bits and pieces of material to use in her work and picking up crafting techniques from the handcraft artisans everywhere she went.

She’s especially inspired by vintage items and loves finding ways to reuse them in her work. Her dolls heads are carved from found wood and attached to muslin stuffed bodies. The dolls’ clothing is made from antique fabrics she might have found at a Paris flea market or in a Montana antique shop. Friends from around the world send her items they can no longer use knowing she will find a way to breathe new life into them.

She also makes felted wool hats for women using an antique wooden hat mold she found during her treasure hunting expeditions.

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