Daniel Duffy

Philly Word Art

Fine Arts

Hometown: Flourtown, PA

Artist Website

Love typography? Then you’ll adore Daniel Duffy’s Philly Word Art. Duffy offers a unique take on Philadelphia’s local culture and national sports icons that incorporates the use of meaningful and attractive text into the design. The words used to create each bring added depth to the work’s significance. Meanwhile, the text also serves to act as part of the design itself by adding texture and color in unique and creative ways. By using the elements of typography, Duffy has developed a creative way to memorialize everything from athletes to musicians to locations.

Sports fans are especially drawn to Daniel Duffy’s Philly Word Art. However, there are other beautiful works that will appeal to other interests, including travelers, animal lovers, history buffs, music appreciators and more. See Duffy’s detailed and engrossing works up close and meet the artist himself at a Sugarloaf Craft Festival near you.

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