Linda Doucette

Shades of Nature

Weaving, Knitting & Spinning

Hometown: Millville, PA

Artist Website

Mother Nature provides some of the best inspiration for our Sugarloaf artists, and Linda Doucette is the perfect example. Her Shades of Nature collection includes naturally dyed fiber art, woven paper paintings and small sculptures that are made uses natural elements. Whether it’s using flowers to create colorful dyes, turning mushrooms into sheets of paper or weaving natural fibers into soft and cozy cloths, Doucette has a knack for using the earth’s bounty in her creative pursuits. Her pieces combine beautiful designs with natural mediums that convey a rawness and purity not found in many other works of art.

Based in Millville, Pennsylvania, Doucette, works out of her own farmhouse, which contains workshops for felting and dying along with a small farm where she raises her own alpacas and angora rabbits for their luxurious fibers and a garden where she tends to flowers and plants used to create natural dyes. If you love eco-friendly artwork, be sure to check out Shades of Nature at your next visit to a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

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