Daina Dickens

Daina Dickens Jewelry

Jewelry - Non-Precious

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Daina Dickens puts her personality into each piece of jewelry she creates, and each necklace, bracelet and other bauble is a reflection of her zest for life. Dickens is known for her trademark, “double-helix” necklaces or bracelets, and her jewelry line is appropriately named D.N.A. by Daina. She uses a unique beading technique which combines the finest of Swarovski crystals and pearls, ‘Czech’ and Venetian glass beads and semi-precious elements into double-helix strands of smaller sparkling beads which orbit larger beads. Since each piece of jewelry is truly handmade, it adds to the validity that each spectacular piece is unique — just like each individual who wears it. Daina, a Columbus, OH resident, has a long lineage of appreciation for craftsmanship including her godfather, Karlis Miesniecks (1887-1977), a famous Latvian painter, and her mother who was a painter and who owned The Blue Sky Gallery in Columbus. Since 1988, she has been a professional artist and has been designing and creating exquisite three-dimensional jewelry.

Her designs can be found displayed at juried arts fairs and at galleries throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast.

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